Boot Camp

A learning management system (LMS) for poker. The LMS offers students the ability to join a community, purchase individual courses, attend webinars and access a vast knowledge base.


World Poker Tour Boot Camp

the work

A learning management system.

  • Django (Python)
  • Mobile Compatible
  • LMS
  • eCommerce (Cybersource )
  • CRM
  • Helpdesk
Launch Project
A content management system too. The system allows for marketing to edit all aspects of the site to enhance sales. The LMS dashboard allows students a quick glance at all the content available to them and where they are in their lessons. The LMS allows for videos, full captioning, search and discussions with integrated forum threads on each topic. Custom CRM. Used daily by the sales team to schedule live camps and upsell online content.

Tags: partner, python, lms, django

The Challenge

Having already conquered the live poker training world, the client needed a way build world-class online courses. Additionally, they required an upgraded eCommerce and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to help sell live training. Sales reps were having a hard time keeping track of what customers were interested in when to follow-up.

eCommerce for the online school was also unique. Depending on the product, different merchant accounts needed to be used. In addition to couponing, payment plans, recurring payments, repeat discounts and promotions, the sales data needs to be easily queried for marketing purposes.

The Solution

Working closely with Blenderbox, we created a first-class LMS, eCom and CRM for WPT Boot Camp. Built using the Django framework in Python. The system integrates with Twilio for secure SMS account recovery. Sailthru for email management.

The learning-management-system (LMS) allows WPTBC to create content organized into courses, sections, chapters and topics which can be re-used between courses. One-edit changes all the courses. Uploaded videos are automatically converted into several formats to support different devices by using HeyWatch. Student progress is tracked and they are notified whenever new content is added to an existing course. Several live webinars per month allow students to interact with the instructors and these webinars are collected into a library for new students to view. Additionally, a knowledge base allows even beginners to get a grasp of terms and forums allow for in depth discussions of topics.

The custom eCommerce solution is tightly integrated into a custom CRM. Allowing the full customer sales and helpdesk history to be available to sales reps. The system also helps locate live camps by allowing for quick insight into how many customers are interested in certain types of live camps by location. It even integrates into WPTBC's VOiP system for callbacks.