NatGeo Education

Custom multi-audience CMS in Django. NatGeo promotes geo-literacy across the world, targeting teachers, students and parents with different difficulty levels and pedagogical objectives.


National Geographic Education

the work

Custom multi-audience CMS

  • Django (Python)
  • Postgres
  • Haystack
  • Custom CMS
  • Multi-audience
Launch Project
The student version of the home page, A kids version of an activity. Lesson plans for teachers. Search page using Haystack.

Tags: partner, python, lms, django, cms

The Challenge

Build a content management system (CMS) for National Geographic Education that can target complex content at different difficulty levels to Students, Teachers, Parents, Families and Informal Educators.

Content ranging from glossary and encyclopedic entries to entire lesson plans all needs to be presentable at different difficulty levels.

The Solution

The CMS, built using the Django framework in Python, presents a state-of-the-art management system which allows NatGeo to enter the same content at different difficulty levels and for different audiences. Working closely with Blenderbox and National Geographic's own tech team the solution enhances Django's built-in admin system to allow for editing of this unique content.

Browse the site yourself to take look at the unique CMS requirements.